Liebach v3.0 alpha

Handbuilt carbon


I stumbled upon Parlee Cycles and fell in love. Looking at the site and reading about their bikes give me a strong sense of craftsmen building the best frames they can, and that that's pretty damn good. It's the same with Serotta, who incidentally are about to introduce their first full carbon frame, the Meivici, next year. The Meivici looks like it's built much like the Parlee frames.

Many other bicycle components are made out of carbon, but as far as I know only some of the better carbon frames and the Lightweight wheels are actually truly handmade. Equip a Parlee Z1x with a pair of Lightweight Obermayer or Ventoux wheels and a pair of A. Dugast Strada silk handmade tubulars glued on to complete the handbuilt theme. It would be illegally light, weighing less than the 6.8 kg a bike must weigh according to the UCI, but oh so beautiful…

To match that you would have to get your very own handmade custom moulded carbon soled cycling shoes from Rocket7. They're extremely light too, just under half the weight of a normal cycling shoe, and they can make them especially for Speedplay or BeBop cleats if the standard Look 3-hole pattern isn't good enough.

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