Liebach v3.0 alpha

Missing the countryside


Last week-end we were in Thy to visit my mother and celebrate my youngest nephew Sebastians birthday. We gave him the 2nd and 3rd BIONICLE movies, very popular gifts of course. We couldn't find the 1st movie readily available, otherwise we'd have bought that one for him too.

I was also forced labor with my mothers and her neighbours PCs and … Windows 98. Let me just say that I am so happy my day job is almost 100% UNIX and only a little (modern) Windows.

I also went for a run saturday in the most gorgeous autumn weather around Heltborg. The sky was perfectly autumn blue and the temperature was a very comfortable 15°C or so. After the first km slightly downhill there was a 900 m climb up past the church and the museum and up to the most beautiful vista of Thy, Mors and Limfjorden seperating them, looking south-east on this map from just right of the zoom slider. Fantastic.

Running around like that in the peace and quiet of the countryside always makes me wish we lived somewhere like that, running and cycling in Copenhagen just isn't very scenic, and add to that the fact that there's virtually no hills whatsoever for cycling in a 2 hour radius around Vesterbro and you can probably see why I'm longing for something better.

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