I've just finished a 3-day bespoke course in HP-UX, and I must say I like it. It's my first foray into proprietary UNIX, and a SysV system at that. Some of the things I learned:

  • The LVM system and VxFS rocks.
  • Init scripts are in /sbin/…, not /etc/… as on Linux.
  • Default runlevel is controlled with /etc/inittab, just as expected.
  • Booting to runlevel 3 will execute all the scripts in /sbin/rc.1.d/*, /sbin/rc.2.d/* and /sbin/rc.3.d/* sequentially, very different from Linux.
  • The patch and software management is very good, better than anything else I know of, much to my surprise.

There were many other things of course, but these were what was discussed today or made the biggest impression.