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David Nors Hansen


David was my Danish teacher at Thisted Gymnasium, and my cousin Nicolai, who also had him as a teacher back then, just pointed me to Davids obituary (Danish. Scroll down a little to the “David Nors Hansen 1948–2005” heading).

I haven't kept the contact to David in the years since, but I've always thought about him as one of the very best teachers I've ever had.

The last year in Thisted I shared an apartment with 3 friends, and we all had David as teacher. I and two of the others was playing AD&D with Nicolai one evening, and the evening turned into night and then morning, and at 6 in the morning we went to sleep without any plans of going to school that day. The last guy did go to school that day, he hadn't played, and out of spite—and for fun—he invited David with him home, probably having told him what we had been up to and why we weren't at school. We got disturbed in the middle of our breakfast discussing the game. But of course David was totally cool with that, he knew that none of us had any trouble missing a single day like that, and I'm pretty sure he understood us completely. He sat down for a while and we joked around a little and probably told him about the game too.

During the year all students was required to read a few books and present and discuss them with David after classes, and I remember how I always looked forward to the discussion with David, especially that time where I had just read Franco Ferrucci's excellent The Life of God (as Told by Himself). That book is also a history of european philosophy, and David was the kind of teacher who would take the time needed to discuss things through, even when it took more than the scheduled 15 minutes. It's some of my happiest memories from those years.

He was a great teacher, his death is a huge loss.

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