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OpenBSD 3.8 released


Right on time as usual, read all about it on the 3.8 release page.

As always a new OpenBSD release bring a ton of little improvements and a few big ones. The big one for this release is bioctl(8), a RAID management interface. Currently it only supports the ami(4) RAID controller, and even though the manpage mention support for ciss(4), the mpt(4) HBA and the safte(4) and ses(4) SCSI disk enclosures it is in fact lying. Support is planned and underway I suppose, just not there yet.

I must confess I've left all OpenBSD mailinglists—except announce—a while ago, I didn't have the time needed to read them, so I always ended up just skimming through, which was not very satisfying, but now I just don't know as much about what's going on in the OpenBSD dictacracy as I used to.

I've been “burst-blogging” a lot lately, haven't I? Five days of silence, then two or three entries in one day…

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