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Death in the family


Mette Marie's grandmother died yesterday at 19:15.

Thursday she suffered an aneurism in the abdominal aorta, blood was leaking out and killing her. At the hospital she was offered an operation which could help, but she declined. Being told she only had a few days to hours to live she responded “Does the TV work, and can it take TV3?” She was the least perturbed by her own imminent death.

I was at home on call for work. I should have been at the first meeting leading up to arranging the European short course Triathlon Championship 2007, but my VPN didn't work so I had to stay at home (where I don't need a VPN to reach work). Mette Marie was at a friends place for dinner when she got the call. Shortly after Mette Marie came home again the VPN magically started working again, like I just had to be kept at home to be there for her…

Anyway, Mette Marie took the train home yesterday, friday, and got to see her grandmother before she died, told her she loved her and “goodbye.” Closure.

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