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EuroBSDcon is over


I'm writing this at my hotel here in Basel. The network is absolute crap, and ridiculously expensive too at 15 CHF per day, even more if you want wi-fi. Luckily Søren bought access and set up his laptop as an AP, and sometimes when the hotels network works I have an internet connection. I hope I get a chance to upload this sometime later today, because right now the network is mostly down.

Back to the conference; the highlights:

Network Stack Randomness with Ryan McBride and Improving TCP/IP Security Through Randomization Without Sacrificing Interoperability with Michael James Silbersack was a very good twin speech. Michael had done a lot of testing and had some interesting graphs to show for it. I'll link to it when his slides and paper appears on-line.

New Evolutions in the X Window System with Matthieu Herrb & Matthias Hopf was amazing. They demoed some of the new things coming in X11R7 which includes real transparency of windows and even “rubber windows” that will wobble when moved, a very nice effect, and of course the usual 3D cube animation when switching virtual desktops. It is at least on par with what Apple have in Aqua, and of course relying on pretty good hardware accelleration.

Building Robust Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF with Ryan McBride included a demonstration with a catastrophic failure of a cat5 cable by means of an axe while playing an MP3 from an NFS filesystem mounted through the firewall. Very convincing and entertaining.

OpenBSD with pf & CARP is just looking better and better all the time, and there's just a few things missing now to get the functionality of LVS and keepalived which we use at work.

DVCS, or a New Way to Use Version Control Systems on FreeBSD with Ollivier Robert was quite interesting, I had no idea there were so many source code management systems. His personal favourite was mercurial implemented in Python with some C modules, worth looking into I suppose.

In A New Thread Implementation for OpenBSD Ted Unangst showed off his work on rthreads, and it looked very good. It will be the default from OpenBSD 3.9 or 4.0 on at least i386 and amd64 with other architectures to follow.

It all concluded with a mystery session which was a panel discussion on how to make BSD more popular. And BSD doesn't really have much marketing going on for it, as Poul Henning Kamp said: “We're the ones selling sushi as ‘cold dead raw fish’”, we're just too honest.

Next year EuroBSDcon will be held on November 10th to 12th in Milano, or nearby Como, and in 2007 it'll be in Copenhagen. There's a very good chance that I'll be involved then.

I haven't seen Mette Marie in 4½ days now, and there's still around 20 hours until I see her again. I miss her, and I look so much forward to see her again.

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