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My long way back to triathlon


As I think I've mentioned a few times now, I'm slowly coming back on some sort of form again after an eight year hiatus from triathlon.

I've been trying to get started again a few times over the last three years, especially after racing Havnetriathlon 2003, but I never got back in the habit of training every day before late last May when I bought my new bike.

There's nothing that motivates me like new gear.

Having done 6–8 hours of cycling per week most of this summer, buying a Polar S625x heart rate monitor and generally starting to feel fit again I'm now swimming and running 3 times per week each. At least most weeks, work is pretty hard at times now, and I occasionally need to just relax.

I'm really starting to get into it, and as soon as I get my turbotrainer back—it was defective when I got it—I can start doing some indoor bike training with my new Polar Power Sensor, and life will be good. I will not bother with outdoor bike training in the winter, it's too cold, wet and miserable. Indoor training is just boring, but the environment is controlled and you can do wonderful intervals, which is kind of fun.

I've resurrected my old Principia TSL triathlon bike, and I will use it for turbotraining this winter, and next spring when the weather gets better I'll use both my bikes for training, the Principia for the hard stuff, the FRM for the easier rides. I hope I can have a power sensor for both bikes by then.

The only major piece of kit I really need now is a wetsuit, and I think the new Orca APEX wetsuit looks fine. Of course fit is everything, so if it doesn't fit me there's always Ironman, Aquaman, Snugg and many others to choose from. I just really like the look of the Orca suits.

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