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Happy new year


Apparently there was a fire in our street last night, although we haven't seen any evidence of it yet, so it can't have been that bad. We were on Amager with Nicolai and Christina for the celebrations and probably missed the fun, we were home just after 02:00.

There was the usual few contenders for the Darwin Awards last night. My favourite was the guy who put a lighted firecracker in his mouth to show off and suddenly—completely surprising—it exploded. Latest news was that he was on the operating table, so he might survive and not be eligible for the Darwin Award. But still, a brave attempt, better luck next year.

I'm so glad the holiday season is now officially over and that we're now back to the regular mode of being. I also expect the workload at work to lighten significantly for January. And on 2006-02-24 we're off to La Santa for a week of cycling [PDF, 2p., 200kB] for me and a spoil yourself week [PDF, 2p., 1.7MB, Danish] for Mette Marie. We really look forward to that.

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