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Website fixes


Since early last autumn my page generation script for the non-weblog content has been broken. I've not really looked seriously at it for a long time until now, where I slept all evening and now can't sleep when I'm supposed to. It's the best time for that kind of not really hard backburner projects.

It was an easy fix. The problem was that cheetah for some reason didn't include ‘.’ in its path, so in the shell script that generates the pages I had to set PYTHONPATH like this:

Prepend "." to sys.path to make cheetah happy
PYTHONPATH="$(cat <<EOF | python
import sys, string
print '.' + string.join(sys.path, ':')

Simple fix for a heavily procrastinated problem. Even my travelplan is up-to-date now. I should probably do something about my Wish List too, although it's much too late for my 35th birthday in just three days. Which reminds me that I forgot to call my mother as I was busy sleeping all evening, yesterday was her birthday. I'll have to do that later today, after sleeping a little more, I hope.

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