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That whole Mohammed cartoon thing


The Washington Post have this wonderful cartoon about the perils of being a cartoonist.

The current embassy burning and other violent reactions in the muslim world against Denmark seems even more unbecoming for a part of the world that used to be civilized before we had completely finished with the iron age here in Scandinavia. The whole charade is all the more ridiculous when you see the Mohammed Image Archive and its many depictions of Mohammed that didn't generate the same angry reaction.

It seems the root cause is a power struggle among the Danish imams about representing the Danish muslim community. When the drawings got published by Jyllands-Posten some of them saw a way to profile themselves in Denmark and outside, and it went out of hand from there. It even seems the imams fabricated cartoons and imam Abu Laban lied to gain support for their cause, yet they only earned Islam yet another huge PR problem.

So now we have 200,000 muslims in Denmark being ostracized, at least 150,000 undeserved, for the ambition of a few imams, and the middle east even more perturbed than it already were. Good job by Abu Laban the liar and his idiot friends.

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