That's my age. I turned 35 last tuesday amidst nearly no fanfare at all. I didn't care, I've been busy at work.

It's not that I work 14 hours a day or anything, I mostly succeed at keeping it within 8 hours a day, there's just a lot to do when I'm at it, and little time to goof around and chat with my good co-workers. It makes the time fly, and I'm very happy with what I do.

I'm starting to get more into our SAN infrastructure and HP-UX, and I like it. Yesterday I stayed in for an extra 1½ hours because I had to create, format and mount some volumes from the SAN on a DB server. It was fun figuring out how to create the volume groups and logical volumes in that very slow and extremely deliberate way you do such things on a live system, when you really don't know the software well, and there's the potential to destroy lots of data. It's a fantastic way to learn. And even on fast hardware, volumes in the hundreds of GBs range takes time to create and format.

With the situation at work and my wife pregnant with our first child I'm guaranteed a steady supply of great new challenges, both professionally and privately, for the next year and beyond.

The last year of my life has been great. The next year will be even better.