Yesterday the talk in #bsd-dk@EFNet was, among many other things, about web gallery software.

Of all the photoblog/gallery software there is, it seems most people use either Apache::Gallery or Gallery, written in Perl and PHP respectively. Both applications are serverside, yet I don't think they should be, unnecessary serverside code is bad, both from a security and a performance point of view.

The only thing that needs serverside code is the comment feature of Gallery, and it doesn't seem to be a particularly popular feature from looking at the various Gallery galleries around the web. Apache::Gallery has nothing which needs to be serverside.

A much better approach would be to run a preprocessor to resize all pictures, generate thumbnails and generating the (X)HTML once and for all. Basically the same workflow I use for this weblog; I generate all pages from a PostgreSQL database and some Cheetah templates and install it on a local webserver for previewing before I rsync it to here. Easy and fast.

This is of course not the right way for everybody, but it ought to fit the people in #bsd-dk, it is a technical channel after all. For the less geeky part of the population that find it challenging just to figure out how to use FTP to upload their “.htm” files to their web-hotel, something like Flickr is probably the answer. And I really like Flickr too, with all its oh so trendy Web-2.0ness and the sheer number of tagged pictures you can search and enjoy.

I've been looking through the pictures tagged with Lanzarote in preparation for our vacation. It looks really nice down there, and in less than a week I'll be there too, swimming and running a little, cycling a lot and taking photos, the best of which I'll upload to Flickr and tag with ‘lanzarote’ so others can find them.

That's an example of serverside code put to good use, but for simple single-user galleries it's mostly unnecessary.