In just over 32 hours we'll be on a plane bound for Lanzarote for a week of relaxation and physical activity at Club La Santa. I'll be attending the Tony Doyle bike week [PDF, 204 KB] and Mette Marie will attend a women only spoil yourself week. It will be great, 20–21℃, wind, volcanoes and the sea. And I'll be riding all over the island and up real climbs that it takes more than 15 minutes to climb, in the company of other cyclists, and with a support car behind us. It will be absolutely fantastic.

I finally got around to mount the power sensor on my bike (I haven't done a single bike training pass since 2005-10-27). It wasn't easy at all, and I'm still not entirely sure it's done right, because the supplied instructions with the kit aren't exactly complete. Fortunately the Internet can help.