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First ride at Lanzarote


I didn't get to ride yesterday. I was completely busted from travelling, and fell asleep before 19.00 and slept for more than 12 hours straight.

Todays ride went up the Femes climb, a nearly 10 km long climb averaging nearly 6%. It took me 44′15″ to get up, and I suffered all the way, going harder than I've ever done before for that amount of time. At the top some of the guys talked about the record for that clinb being held by Bjarne Riis in 22′30″. I would just like to get down to around 30–35 minutes or so.

The weather was great, around 20 ℃ and cloudy on the way out, with the sun coming out on the way home after that way too long break at the café at the top of the climb.

And now I'm completely busted, going from no cycling at all to a very hard 80+ km ride is extremely tough. I wonder how It'll feel tomorrow.

There's no wireless Internet here at Club La Santa, but there's an Internet Café where it should be possible to get some IP for my laptop. Getting power for it was also a slight hassle, at first I thought the socket didn't fit my power adapter, but after a little bit of violence coercing I had power.

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