Liebach v3.0 alpha

A kind of easy day


Todays ride went to “Garbage Mountain”, a short and not at all steep climb of only about 8 minutes in my case. The hardest part was the wind that I'd guess was around 30–35 km/h against us. There was a nice flow in the group, which always makes it easier.

Considering the severity of yesterdays ride I did pretty well today. I also made sure I did as little as possible, as I wanted to save myself for tomorrows ride which is a long hard one yet again.

One of the things that annoyed me yesterday was the constant braking on all downhills. For some reason the leaders of the group thought that it wasn't necessary to pedal on downhills, and when you're riding the wheel of someone riding like that you'll have to hit the brakes almost constantly. It sucked, and I'm pretty sure that was why I had a headache yesterday after the ride, it creates a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders braking instead of just resting on the brakehoods.

I also did a very short swim of only 1000 m today, just taking it easy and relaxing in the water. It worked well, and the 50 m pool here is really nice, wide lanes, nearly no chlorine in the water, the sun is shining and people here are sensible and knows how to share a lane with others. Besides nearly everyone swim crawl. Perfect.

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