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The Tabayesco climb


Today we did the Tabayesco climb. And it turned out it was what I thought was the Femes climb two days ago where I didn't know who to look for, so the first one rounding up riders to go for a ride at the Bike Centre at the time it was all supposed to start was the one I followed. And they were doing Tabayesco, not Femes as the Tony Doyle camp was after that day. The Doyle guys probably got underway 1 minute later or so, unbeknown to me. All of that I just figured out today after talking to one of the others at the café at the top of the Tabayesco climb where I insisted I had done it before…

It was a good ride nonetheless, but I'd still like to find out who I actually did ride with that day.

The second time up Tabayesco was much better than the first, I did it in 45′35″, this time in a very even and well paced effort. My heartrate was rising slightly all the way up with an extra effort the last 5 minutes before the top where it gets a little steeper, and it shows very good recovery on the two flatter sections around halfway up.

Only 1′20″ slower putting in what felt like half the effort. Very satisfying.

I felt kind of strange starting out on todays ride, good, but like I could blow up before finishing. As the day progressed I just got stronger and ended up having a great ride. Again like the climb, nearly the same as two days ago, but it felt like half the effort. The reason todays ride was so much easier was probably that the group as a whole worked well, and everyone was at ease holding wheels and all those basic things, entirely unlike the group of two days ago.

One of the other great things about the ride was the downhill. I got to do 70 km/h on the fastest part of the downhill, brake, then fast into a switchback and accellerate back up to speed again a few times. Excellent fun.

Tomorrow is an easy day with no big climbs, the day after is a short but not necessarily easy ride in the morning followed by a 14 km time-trial in the afternoon that I plan to do at 100%. After that the Bike Week programme concludes with a 3-course dinner at restaurant La Casa, but Mette Marie and I still have another day here, and I might use that to try and find out where that elusive Femes climb is, and ride it.

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