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Concluding the Bike Week


Yesterday the weather was terrible, howling winds and showers. I decided it was no weather to ride in, and today I learned that all the others had come to the same conclusion and some had done a spinning session with Jeff Cooke as instructor instead.

I went for a long swim in the morning, 3200 m, the longest I've done in 7–8 years. Later I did an hour long run up north along the coast from Club La Santa. I ran in a desert-like landscape criss-crossed by jeep tracks with the typical steep Lanzarote hills on one side and a raging ocean on the other. It was marvellous. When I turned around it was straight into a wall of wind. A hard and beautiful run.

Today we went out for a short ride made even shorter by the still bad weather. We were only out for an hour.

This afternoon the weather was much better. Lucky, as we had a final 14 km time trial. The course was a simple out and back affair, gaining nearly 200 m altitude on the way out to the turnaround in a roundabout, and then home against the wind. Uphill the wind didn't help much, downhill it was a terrible adversary. There was only about 1 km of flat road closest to Club La Santa with a very strong wind at about 90º to the road. And nowhere to hide.

I suffered for 30′26″ in a well paced effort with an average heartrate just under 190 bpm, and with an apparent maximum at 199 bpm at the finish, the curve is flat for the last short while, and I nearly puked when I crossed the finish line. The slowest time-trial I've ever done, but also the hardest course ever. This is quite interesting data. I didn't expect I could sustain a heartrate about 10 bpm below my maximum for that long. Maybe it's normal, I'll have to look it up in Janssen's Training, Lactate, Pulserate when I come home.

Still, significantly less than a 30 km/h average for an all-out effort of that length feels a little disappointing, but I'm certain I couldn't have done any better, it's a brutally honest measurement of my fitness, whether I like it or not.

Tonight there's a 3-course dinner for all participants in the La Casa restaurant and all the brits go home tomorrow morning. I'll still have a day more to ride. Maybe I'll ask the other 3 danes if they want to go. Or I'll ride alone just for a change.

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