Liebach v3.0 alpha

New Atom feed and actually valid XHTML


I've spent a wonderful evening hacking together a full Atom feed for this weblog, including the content. The RSS feed was really getting old, and only contained links to the content. I have an aversion to that kind of feeds, and I didn't like serving such a feed from here.

Requests for the old /weblog/rss.xml and /weblog/rss URLs gets a 301 redirect to the new /weblog/feed URL, which is also a much better name for a feed. I don't really know how feed readers handle redirections in general, but I'm pretty sure they should work like browsers, and if they don't it's a bug.

I've also implemented the suggestion in Content-Negotiation Techniques to serve XHTML by hardlinking all .html files to .xhtml pages, and let content negotiation take care of serving it correctly with the application/xhtml+xml MIME-type that XHTML 1.1 must be served with to be valid. For user-agents that doesn't claim to understand application/xhtml+xml it will fall back to the wrong text/html MIME-type deranged browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer can, sort of, understand.

It is a bug in the W3C Validator that it doesn't validate the MIME-type by the way.

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