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Get Rich Fast™ with GPL!


Much against my will I found myself reading the discussion about the Theo de Raadt Discusses OpenBSD and Beyond article at Slashdot.

Currently the OpenBSD project is focusing on their finances and especially the complete lack of donations from large vendors that ship OpenSSH as part of their systems, thereby saving millions of dollars compared to implementing their own or licensing code from SSH Communications Security.

Some of the dimmer Slashdot commenters seem to think that if OpenBSD had just licensed the code under the GPL they would somehow Get Rich Fast™, or that Theo has alienated most vendors with his insistence on NDA-free documentation, generally uncompromising ways and very direct way of expressing himself. The former is plain irrelevant, the latter is a side-effect of Theo being extremely idealistic in his insistence on openness, which I personally support.

Especially some GPL proponents talk about stealing BSD licensed code and selling it as proprietary software. Except that that is not stealing, it is allowed according to the license. And some people just don't get that.

The rest is just misunderstandings, insults and bickering. Slashdot in a nutshell. I should not waste my time reading such things, when I could sleep instead. Going to summer time always mess me up for a week or more (stealing one hour of everyones sleep every year is truly criminal).

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