D-link makes crappy network equipment and you should stay away from it if your IP connectivity is important to you. D-link also hire idiots to code their firmware, idiots that hardcode all the stratum 1 NTP servers in their firmware.

Therefore a lot of D-link equipment is sold misconfigured to ask stratum 1 servers for time by default, collectively sending about 2000 packets per second to all stratum 1 servers in their little list of targets. It can only be characterized as a DDoS of critical internet infrastructure.

Poul-Henning Kamp is the owner and operator of the stratum 1 NTP server gps.dix.dk. D-links incompetence has cost Poul-Henning pretty serious money, and the only contact he's had with D-link is a lawyer who's alternating between threats and trying to bribe him.

Since D-link now seems to be both incompetents and actively evil Poul-Henning decided to go public with it:

This is the tragedy of the commons all over again, and I fear D-link is too stupid to treat it as a technical problem. Instead they will let their propaganda department (aka. public relations) and legal department handle it, leaving their equipment still misconfigured by default, DDoS-ing stratum 1 NTP servers on their dirty little list.