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OpenBSD desktop


Lately I've seen an alarming number of “OpenBSD as a desktop” questions and articles. The alarming part is that people make it sound like it's some sort of accomplishment to use OpenBSD as a desktop when it's really incredibly easy.

On a clean and complete OpenBSD install you have and the associated tools, including the indispensable XTerm, and a nice FVWM windowmanager. Install Firefox and mutt and you have a great start. The ports collection contain basically everything else you'll need, including all the windowmanagers you might want, if FVWM isn't your thing.

Why people need articles and tutorials to install, configure and use these things is beyond me, but apparently there's a lot of people that has been weaned on various ersatz UNIX distributions, and they think they need a HOWTO to accomplish anything. And maybe they do on Linux, but they don't on BSD, and that might be what they really need to learn.

They should get started with the OpenBSD FAQ (or the FreeBSD handbook or the NetBSD guide if that's the preferred BSD) and start reading manpages for the rest. It is really easy and very userfriendly.

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