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It's a boy


Mette Marie got scanned for the last time this pregnancy yesterday, and everything looked perfect. They could even tell us that it was a boy.

It was amazing to see that little proto-human lying there, with heart, stomach, diaphragm, navel and all the other organs that they check for. Various skeletal dimensions was measured, his femur was 37.1 mm long, and the cross-section of his stomach about 54 mm in diameter. The delivery date was recalculated and set back a little to 2006-09-10.

By now we've already collected 80% of what we need for the baby initially, nearly all of it donated or borrowed from friends and family, and it's great having those things in place already, thank you very much. We only need some sort of bike trailer/baby-jogger to transport the little wonder in, and a little more clothes and we're set. Oh, and diapers, and bottles and a thousand other little things I've forgotten… So the 80% is more like 50% I guess.

Just 4 month and we're parents. I can't wait.

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