I haven't found anywhere to see Giro d'Italia live, as we can only take 2–3 Danish channels on our TV (all crap), and I haven't found any live streaming yet. No, cycling.tv can't yet afford Giro d'Italia or any other of the major tours.

What I did find was the Daily Peloton live coverage, and I refreshed that page all afternoon, and it was certainly better than nothing. It also seems there's some live coverage on the official Giro website, but as I'm writing it's not live anymore since the stage has ended. I've got to remember looking tomorrow.

Given todays profile it was clear that nothing much would happen. And then everything would explode on the last climb and Ivan Basso would win. I felt really certain about this, and I was right. He took the over-all lead and the pink jersey too.

I think Ivan Basso will win the rare double of the Giro and the Tour this year. He's that strong. The others can fight for second place.

I should bet on it somewhere, earn some easy money.