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SANE 2006 so far


I can highly recommend going to SANE if you get the chance. At least if you're interested in the kind of subjects covered.

Our flight down here was uneventful as flights always are, the most strenous part was the train travel to actually get to Delft. Our hotel was a positive surprise with large rooms and a great location with at least 5 different bars within 50 m. The “Belgian Beer Café” has become our favourite, their food is decent too, so it's a great one-stop place for the things you need when going out.

We came down here for the Advanced Cfengine tutorial, which was good but not earth-shattering. I didn't know about the anomaly detection capabilities in Cfengine, but they're something to consider. It's not like there's a lot of software doing that sort of thing (I can't think of anything else, except log-monitoring software).

I'm sitting right now waiting for the data storage talk by Radia Perlman, she's wearing a "Hi! I might be a federal agent" t-shirt. She should be a very good and funny speaker according to Henrik who attended her Bridging/Routing/Switching Protocols tutorial.

I'll post a full summary of the conference sometime when I get home.

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