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SANE 2006 redux


We, meaning my two colleagues Søren, Klavs and I, arrived in Delft at Hotel de Koophandel on tuesday evening. I had been sick the whole week before, and had just barely felt OK for work that monday, so I was exhausted from 12 hours of non-stop work and travel and went to bed early.

Wednesday was our Advanced Cfengine tutorial. It wasn't as exciting as we had hoped, but we did learn some new things. We also met Henrik and Flemming at the conference, and later some more of the usual suspects. Then we went out for beer.

Thursday and friday was the normal conference days. Thursdays programme for me:

Friday morning Søren dislocated his left shoulder by sneezing! No, really. He's that kind of guy with that kind of shoulder and that kind of luck. We called an ambulance and they could fix the shoulder right away without involving the ER, which was excellent. We missed the first talk, but I made it to these:

I've uploaded some of the pictures I took, Flemming has also uploaded his pictures, and there's some other pictures from the conference on Flickr too.

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