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No milk and sugar today


I've started taking my tea without milk and sugar. It's quite a revolution in my life, as I've been drinking 1–3 liters per day on average since I was a teenager.

I've been using Aspartame as sweetener for years, but it might not be healthy, so I switched back to sugar some months ago. Sugar is not ideal either, the extra energy intake certainly doesn't help my ambition to become a lean and mean racer again (that isn't going too well for many other reasons — job, a life etc.), and it's probably not good for my teeth either.

Then, two days ago, I ran out of sugar and the shops had closed. Having thought about it before it was easy to just decide that now was the time.

So I took the plunge, no more sugar in my tea, and while I was at it, get rid of the milk too.

Funny how some lifestyle changes just need a catalyst to happen.

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