Liebach v3.0 alpha

OpenBSD Hackathon 2006


Once every year the OpenBSD hackers get together and hack for a week and get a lot of stuff done.

This year fellow monger Michael Knudsen is at the hackathon for the first time with his new commit bit. His first commit broke the tree. It was quickly fixed and there was no yelling, so it probably wasn't too bad.

Another great thing is that HP donated two Opteron machines to help get support for more than 4 GB of memory on that architecture. One of the machines has a whopping 24 GB of memory. They also lent them some 10 Gigabit networking gear to test the TCP/IP stack for bottlenecks.

One can hope this will result in even better support for all the DL 385 machines we use at work, as we're moving from FreeBSD to OpenBSD for firewalls.

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