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Vai, Malmsteen and Satriani, the guitar heroes of my youth


Today I stumbled upon a 2005 concert video with the guitar heroes of my youth [101 minutes, 648 MB Google video].

As a teenager I was an aspiring sports-guitarist. I got started seriously wanting to play when I got into Iron Maiden when I was 15 or so. At 16 I discovered Metallica (Master of Puppets, the best they ever made), and listened to that a lot. Accept too, the cheesiest German heavy metal ever. Then I moved to Aalborg and heard Yngwie Malmsteen for the first time and was instantly blown away. Exploring further and guided by the weird French (sports-) guitar trainer I had, I discovered Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

Satriani is still playing too much blues inspired boogie rock, which I don't like, and Malmsteen still hasn't gotten rid of his Europe hair, and as a bonus he's now Meat Loaf fat. Vai is still absolutely the best of the three, he's a little weirder in a cool way, while Satriani and Malmsteen is too stuck in classic rock in various ways, but Malmsteen is even faster (read “better” in sport-guitarist terms) than he used to be. Vai used to play “stunt guitar” with Frank Zappa, transcribing a lot of his music in “The Frank Zappa Guitar Songbook” in excruciating detail, even putting spoken parts of the songs in notes. Now, how cool is that? Extremely cool.

Seeing Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen again in that video brought back memories, and it got me itching to start to play again, but as I've barely touched a guitar for 10 years it's basically starting over from scratch. Which I won't. I also recently gave my ESP Navigator stratocaster clone away.

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