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The asthma protein


It's called “aP2”, and is linked to inflammatory responses and involved in both athma, type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. The full report can be had from JCI.

What's even more impressive is that genetically modified mice that could not produce the aP2 protein are … metabolic supermice. We cannot make them obese, diabetic or atherosclerotic. They don't develop fatty liver disease, and they don't develop asthma. Quite cool.

So now I'm just waiting for gene therapy to become a practical reality so I can get rid of my twice daily inhaled doses of 200 µg of glucocorticosteroid against my asthma. That, or wait for the aP2 blocking drugs to get to the market, and since they're only in the pre-clinical stage now, it probably means I'll have to wait 10–12 years before I can get a prescription for it.

Advances in drugs are too slow if you ask me.

Via Slashdot.

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