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It should've been today


But it isn't, unless Mette Marie is really fast at giving birth.

Of course 70% of all first time moms go a little over the (theoretical) date of maturity, so we'll just have to wait some more…

By the way, why can't they give a more precise date at the hospital at the last scanning during the pregnancy? They must have a huge set of data to draw upon when they estimate the date of conception based on the measurements at the scanning, so if they just tried to correlate the actual length of pregnancies, the ages of the mothers, and perhaps fathers, and what number child it is (for the mother), it should be straightforward to estimate a much more precise date of maturity. Yet they don't. I'll have to try and remember to ask the midwife why not.

Right now is the quiet before the storm. Last friday was one of the first days with really nice weather in a very long time, and one of the last times this year that I had the chance to go for a long ride, so I took the bike out for a 3 hour ride home from work. Then I fell asleep at 21.30 and slept like a rock for 10 hours. Yesterday and today I've felt a little under the weather, so I've just taken care of myself. I really don't want to be sick now.

It's just hard waiting, and everybody has started calling us or sending SMS'es asking how it's going. It's going very well, thank you very much. The baby is finished, he's ready to come out. Now. Please.

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