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The Apple vision


I just watched the September 2006 Apple Special Event webcast with all their new iPod models, a new release of iTunes with movies and some really neat features like free album covers automatically downloaded for CD's you've ripped yourself, and it was all very nice indeed.

With all the new stuff I kept thinking that one thing was missing: some sort of set-top box to integrate with the living room TV/Stereo. Towards the end it was revealed that they are indeed working on what they internally call the iTV (of course) which will be on sale in Q1 2007. It's a $249 box that connects your TV and stereo with a computer running iTunes and looks like a 30 mm thick version of a Mac Mini.

I like the amazing coherence of vision behind Apple products. It's like nothing else.


I'm fully aware that you can get much of the same experience with slightly cheaper PC hardware, Linux and MythTV, and I have the skills to install, configure and maintain it. What I don't have is either the time or enough interest to make the time for it, so I'm happy to pay for the Apple solution. It is much prettier too.

And Q1 2007 is just before we move to our new home. Good timing.

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