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My next bike


The '07 Felt DA And it's a steal at less than $7000, completely as shown in the picture, according to the October issue of Triathlete that I just got.

At the German Felt site it says €2999 frame only, which is about the same as a Cervélo P3C. In other words: cheap, relatively speaking. Keep in mind that the Felt DA probably is the most aerodynamic frame in the world, although I guess the Walser, BMC TT01 and the Cervélo P3C are very close behind.

I like the way the Felt DA tucks the rear brake away just above the bottom bracket, aerodynamically hidden. They should've done something about the front brake too, although the ability to use completely off-the-shelf components is a nice thing, unlike the Walser frames that are built with an ultra narrow bottom bracket, around 50 mm, and 120 mm rear wheel drop-outs (standards are 68 mm and 130 mm respectively). On the later Walser frames the front brake is a special cantilever type brake integrated in the fork design, sitting behind the fork in its aerodynamic shadow, like the Oval A700 front brake. It doesn't look like there's room for an A700 brake on the Felt DA frame, but maybe it will be one of the things they improve in the next revision of the frame. They should do something about the seatpost head too. It's nice and adjustable and all that, but it doesn't have the clean lines you see on the Cervélo P3C.

Felt has some other interesting bikes out next year, and you can read about them at the Sand Canyon Cyclery weblog, the new B2 model looks nice, check out the cranks on it. I thought they'd stopped making those years ago, and I never saw them for sale.

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