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That NetBSD story


Nearly three weeks ago Charles M. Hannum posted a quite incendiary message to the netbsd-users mailinglist claiming the NetBSD project … has stagnated to the point of irrelevance.

Two days later a short list of NetBSD accounts was shut down because they hadn't yet signed an agreement of terms, among those Charles M. Hannum's account; or Organizational Changes to the NetBSD Project as they called it. Perhaps they should have waited a few weeks before doing that, it looked too much like an internal witch hunt, and it might not have been.

And now there's an interview with Charles M. Hannum over at ONLamp about the whole story, all the way from the beginning of the NetBSD project. Very interesting, especially how it seems Wasabi Systems more or less couped the project according to Hannum, and there's some good—and bad—points about other open source projects in general.

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