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Tobias was born on 2006-09-19 04:38 CEST at Hvidovre. He was 53 cm & 3024 g at birth. The most beautiful thing in the world.

Tobias, 22 minutes old The first signs of the birth starting had come very early in the morning on monday the 18th, and from early in the afternoon the contractions were coming at regular intervals and getting stronger. We were at the hospital just before 01:00, at just the right time.

The midwife was great and it all proceeded as nice and quiet as a birth can. By far the most emotional part of it for me was when I managed a peek between two contractions and saw a small patch of his dark hair appearing for the first time. The skin was all wrinkled because his skull was compressed at that moment. It's amazing what a baby goes through to get born.

A few more contractions and he was finally out. I caught him as he came out, all blue, bloody and slimy, and for a split second I forgot what to do, but quickly gathered my wits and gently laid him on Mette Maries stomach. Tobias had started screaming immediately when he came out, so no need to examine anything, he was clearly in perfect working order from the beginning. And it only took a minute before he had a more normal pink baby color.

With a little help from the midwife I cut the umbilical, and then we spent the next several minutes admiring the little wonder while the placenta came out and Mette Marie got two stitches that wasn't strictly necessary, but would make it heal faster. Tobias quickly calmed down as he was breastfed, sucking while his eyes was scanning methodically from side to side taking in the strange new world, listening to the soothing sounds of his parents.

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