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Two weeks (rambling)


It's been two weeks since I last posted anything here. It's been two weeks since I even thought about updating anything on any website.

Becoming a parent probably just have that kind of effect on time and thought processes. It's all about the baby.

I have been doing other things, like hiring a triathlon coach, enjoying the unusually warm weather on a 3 hour bike ride (I missed Tobias already) and doing more laundry per week than ever before. Observe how the baby sneaks into nearly all of it one way or another. Not that it's bad, it's just fascinating that it happens. I guess it's inevitable.

And Tobias is doing fine. He's still very small and doesn't really grasp very many things yet, like where he stops and his surroundings begin, but it'll come.

I've changed the background picture on my phone to a picture of Tobias.

Next monday is the first day back at work again. I should've had a week more of vacation, but one of my colleagues is getting a pacemaker all of a sudden, and another is on leave because of stress, so I step in to help.

And I look forward to that too, even though being home with Mette Marie and Tobias is great, but I care about my job and colleagues too. I have to go back to work again sometime anyway, and any time is a bad time, so I'd just as well do it a week early.

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