Liebach v3.0 alpha



I've been looking at setting something up on that would be easy to use for both Mette Marie and I, and I've decided on Textpattern.

Normally PHP isn't my favourite language, but Textpattern looks good, the only security hole found was only found recently in a 2½ year old gamma release. Impressive for a PHP application, and probably in no small part due to Textpattern not including XML-RPC where PHP has historically had a lot of problems.

And I really like Textile, the default “markup” used for writing in Textpattern.

The worst thing I can say about Textpattern is its lack of support for themes. It's just too hard to work with, although there's a feature request about it, so it will probably improve.

In the end I'll probably end up writing my own templates anyway with Google Analytics JavaScript and whatever it takes to use MeasureMap as soon as I get an account. Did I mention that I host mail for at Google too? Only the website itself is hosted at Textdrive and not Google (but that's probably only a matter of time…).

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