Liebach v3.0 alpha is live

2006-11-120 has been live for quite a while, just not really advertised anywhere because of a lack of actual content, but now I've caved in and set up Wordpress and shown Mette Marie how to use Performancing and the Wordpress web interface to post and manage things. I'll be posting mostly from the TextMate Blogging bundle, but I might occasionally post from Performancing which we use at work for our internal blog.

And I look forward to blogging in Danish.

One of the things that finally made me decide on Wordpress was that Brian told me the Akismet plugin had killed nearly 300 spam-attempts with no false positives so far for him. That, and the quite nice tools for Wordpress posting, it's just a very complete and slick package altogether.

The plan is to kill this weblog and just let it stay archived here redirecting the feed to the new weblog I'll set up at, most probably running Textpattern, and then use for article content only, the things that doesn't belong in a weblog. Which means that this site will start growing at a rate of about one article per year or so… but I hope it'll be more.

Stay tuned here though, it'll be a few weeks before I get something up and running at

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