Liebach v3.0 alpha

Weblog navigation


Weblogs are comments on things at some given point in time, so it makes a lot of sense navigating a weblog via a calendar view, a prime candidate for AJAXification.

The basic idea is that each page have a default calendar view of the month of the entry for non-JavaScript user agents in its own <div>, and then override that with some DOM scripting, fetching the calendars from the server so you can scroll back and forth through the months without that stupid and unnecessary page reload. About the same as the ASP.NET Calendar control if I recall correctly, but portable. Pretty basic AJAX I guess, and probably what I'll play with over Christmas to learn some JavaScript/AJAX while off-line from early on the 20th to late on the 26th.

Whether the server side month views are preprocessed or generated by server-side code doesn't really matter, but preprocessed and read from disk is always faster.

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