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New Year Resolutions for 2007


I've never really been into all those new year resolutions, thinking it's much better just to take the plunge and change direction whenever you feel like it and have the gumption to do it, some random change in the calendar isn't necessary as the occasion.

That said, I'm calling this a new year resolution anyway, although it's something I've been doing since November or so.

I raced my last serious triathlon, the European Championships in Fredericia over the Ironman distance (3800 m swim, 180 km bike and a marathon), early in August 1997. I will do that race again, Fredericia on 2007-08-04, same distance.

I've been training since November, so it's not exactly a new year resolution, but it's close enough. I've designed the general training strategy for the next 16 weeks:

I'll be doing some more detailed planning in the next few days here beside my Lava Lamp that I got a little late for Christmas.

By July I should end up doing something like this each week:

I plan to race Holstebro Triathlon on May 17th (650-30-7), Haderslev on June 3rd (1500-40-10), Danish short course championships on June 17th (1500-40-10) and Frøs ½ Ironman (1900-90-21.1) on June 24th before the big one on August 4th.

Happy new year everybody.

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