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First Ride Outside in 2007


Gorgeous weather. The sun was out and it was around 7–8ºC, light wind.

The great Danish racer and former hour record holder Ole Ritter once said that “…cyclists love nature.”, and that's very true. Getting out in the countryside, enjoying the silence and seeing some nature has always been one of the things that attracted me to cycling—and running to a lesser degree—and it was great seeing how spring is coming ever so slowly. There was still snow lying around melting, but the roads were mostly dry.

Having spent all winter on the turbotrainer I felt a little strange riding a bike again after 5 months inside. I've been cycling outside occasionally through the winter for transportation of course, but that's been on our Nihola three-wheeler, so my balance was slightly off. I quickly refreshed my memory of how to ride a bike and off I went.

The numbers:

It looks very much like my FTP is too low at 265 W when riding outside. It's normal to have a higher FTP outside compared to inside on the turbotrainer, so I'll have to adjust at some point in the future when I start riding mostly outside. Which is soon.

It's worth noting that I did a short 95% sprint up a short steep hill and hit 995 W, with peak 5/10/20 seconds average powers of 973/906/726 W at that point. Nice numbers considering I could have gone harder, certainly over 1000 W for 5 seconds.

And in just two weeks my 14 days of training camp on Mallorca starts.

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