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Mallorca training camp, day one


I love all the little Mallorcan roads up in the mountains with light traffic and frequent switchbacks. From time to time you get to enjoy beautiful views of the valley below and the peaks above, and besides that it's just the simple rhythm of climbing.

The descents are technical, and I rarely exceeded 50 km/h before it was time to brake again for the next hairpin, it's very stressful riding and it's almost impossible to recover like that. Only once for a short while did i descend a wide road with long smooth turns, and going through those at 60+ km/h felt fantastic.

Todays ride was everyone together. It was meant to be an easy ride to get started, but easy for an elite group caliber triathlete is quite different from easy for me. And then some.

But the weather was brilliant, the sun was out and it was around 21ºC, so I didn't mind getting dropped on all the climbs, they did wait for me at the top. the ride today was almost always either up or down, less than 10% flat. I suffered a lot on the first climb, didn't seem to produce the watts I felt I should given my percieved excertion level, but after the first hour and some encouragement from Filip when I had talked about turning around and head home it got better (thanks Filip). And then I felt like that again for the last hour or so. That wasn't so much fun since it involved the most technical descent of the day, and it's extremely hard descending without mistakes when exhausted.

That doesn't look too bad, does it? But it was, and it can be seen from the high average heartrate and the histograms. I spent more than 10% of the time above my FTP and generally didn't react too well judging from the histograms of the data.

I blame the warmer weather, dehydration (only got 1.5 l and a Powerbar during the ride) and yesterdays travel where I stupidly sat down all the way on the plane reading for more than 4 hours without standing up at any time.

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