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Mallorca training camp, day two to five


I didn't come here to experience 11ºC and snow, but snow is exactly what we saw a little of tuesday evening as we were on our way to eat at one of the local restaurants because the hotel food is terrible. And it's been extremely windy too.

It has been really cold in the mornings, even below freezing they say. Later in the day the sun warm things up and the temperature climb above 15ºC, but I've still been riding with long tights, shoe covers, long heavy jersey, cap and vest to keep warm. We've also had to stay out of the higher mountains because of the cold, there's been snow above 300 m in some places.

But the training has been good nonetheless. All in all I've done 9:45′ of cycling, 3:45′ running and a measly 1:05′ of swimming so far. It's OK with the little swimming, it's not a target right now.

I think up to 40 hours of training during this training camp will be my target, that's about twice my normal workload, and it's possible because I can get 9–10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, instead of the normal 7–8 hours of thrice interrupted sleep I usually get at home.

It's nice, but I still, miss Mette Marie and Tobias a lot. Mostly Tobias, as I can SMS, Google Talk and call Mette Marie, but I can't really get much contact with Tobias through technological means.

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