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Mallorca training camp, days six to eleven


Miserable weather, compared to expectations, not significantly warmer than at home from what I hear.

Three days ago I finally felt completely well on the bike again, and I celebrated with a 3 hour ride at an IF of 0.886, even harder for the middle 1:20′ done as a time-trial on the coastal road between Andratx and where the road towards Soller turns off. I started ahead of Marie-Louise and kept her behind me, which was great, she's been significantly faster than me all the time, especially when going up, a very tough lady on the bike. Numbers for the time-trial part of the ride:

It is 30 km completely without flat road anywhere, and the last of the three major climbs had long sections of 8–10% grades, and the course ends 200 m higher than it starts, so it's incredibly slow, but the north-west coast of Mallorca is also incredibly beautiful. Go there if you ever get the chance.

Oh, and I went out running for an hour after that ride. I was suitably busted afterwards.

I had a rest day yesterday that I spent washing all my clothes and then going to Palma to hang out and see stuff. Palma is a pretty city, but I'm almost completely void of a shopping gene, so it was boring just walking around. I don't think I spent much more than 3 hours there, buying nothing.

And today I still haven't been out training because my clothes are still wet… so I'm just reading a lot (I'm on “The Paleo Diet for Athletes” by Cordain & Friel now), relaxing, feeling tired. As a beginner a 2 week training camp might be too much, I don't have the base to get through with good style.

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