Liebach v3.0 alpha

Mallorca training camp, day twelve


I got up, looked out and it was raining. It looked like all-day rain, but now just before 14.00 it has stopped so I might get out cycling, if for nothing else then to get some data for the new iSMARTTrain 3.0 beta that I just downloaded. Not that I think it can compete with WKO+, but it might do enough for me. I know that I like the calendar stuff in iSMARTTrain much better than in WKO+, and it seems there's a planning feature in iSMARTTrain, which is a great thing, at least if it allows you to show graphically how much you've done of the planned training. It was one of the things I and many others asked for when they solicited feature requests for the 3.0 release.

But I should get moving instead of hanging here at the local “ciber café”, the roads are dry, and dinner's at 18.30…

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