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Becoming a runner


Lately I've been feeling like I should be spending time at home with Mette Marie and Tobias when I was out training, and when I was home I'd be thinking about training. Very stressful and annoying for both Mette Marie and I.

So I have decided that now is not the time for an Ironman.

That decision felt like a relief, it's so much easier now. I can easily wait until Tobias is a little older with my triathletic ambitions, and in the mean time I can become a runner, my weakest discipline in triathlon.

Right now I'm cleaning my bike after the Mallorca training camp, and putting the original Ultegra crankset back on instead of the wonderful Ergomo powermeter I've been using lately. Anyone interested in buying an about six months old complete Ergomo system with Campagnolo square taper bottom bracket, including 34–50T/175 mm carbon compact cranks?

I'll be selling off a lot of stuff now that we're moving. There's so much I don't use anymore that I'd rather sell and see others use and enjoy. Even give it away in some cases, for the smaller yet useful things. I'll create a page in the next few days as we pack all our stuff, with pictures, prices and everything.

I look forward to start just running, and see what I can do with that in 4–5 runs per week. I'd love to go under 3 hours for a marathon…

(And there I go, a new goal is set. So much for “just running”).

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