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Yesterday we moved in to our new home.

We spent the Easter holidays packing almost everything neatly into boxes, leaving only the essentials unpacked for getting through the week.

Yesterday the truck from DVD Flyt arrived around 8.30 as agreed, and we started loading everything into it, helped by our cool friends and family: Jan (father in-law), Agnete, Ulla, Jens Oluf, Kristian, Nicolai & Andreas, Klavs and Lisbeth & Emma (7 months old). Then we drove from Vesterbro out to Islands Brygge and unloaded it all again. At 10.50 everything was moved in. Damn quick and painless!

We bought lunch from Café Under Elmene (good burgers) and sat and talked and relaxed for some hours, enjoying the wonderful weather and the fact that we had been so incredibly fast. We stopped about the same time everybody else started moving in. The elevator was very busy.

A big thanks to all who helped, it was fantastic, and it meant a lot.

We still have about half of the boxes still full, we don't have anywhere to put it yet, and we won't get to IKEA before next week-end where we'll buy a “Mjuk Tyrkis” 3-person leather sofa and some book-cases and other storage for our stuff.

Tuesday we get our new washingmachine and tumbler dryer delivered, something we really look forward to, as our old washingmachine died 4 weeks ago. And let me just say that you really don't want to spend too much time in a laundromat if you can help it.

Oh, and the apartment is great, big, bright, and with all the modern conveniences one could need, including two bathrooms. We love it.

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