Ever wondered what it would feel like to be doped like a 1998 pro cyclist?

It's easy to understand why professional cyclists would want to use illegal performance enhancing drugs, especially in the light of the above article, but impossible to understand why they think they won't get caught eventually. They must be stupid.

And Michael Rasmussen is fired wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour for … a flippant attitude towards drug testing and lying it seems. I think they were right in firing him, as Michael Rasmussen at least intended to use HBOCs in 2002, even trying to trick a friend into smuggling it into Italy for him. Not a very nice attitude, and the exact same crime—intending to dope—that landed Ivan Basso a two year ban.

I believe in the new generation of riders exemplified by Linus Gerdemann and his great stage victory in the alps, and I really hope that T-Mobile doesn't loose their sponsor because of the Sinkewitz case, as they're really onto something good, having recruited a businessman instead of an old cyclist as team manager. It makes a huge difference in attitude.

Team CSC are doing good things in their fight against doping too, but they're greatly encumbered by Bjarne Riis.

In the mean time I can just be happy that I didn't return to cycling from my 10-year hiatus from training, and instead choose to go back to triathlon again. Not that triathlon is 100% clean, of course, but it's not a sick sport like pro cycling.

Still, I'm incredibly pissed off whenever I'm out on a training ride and some idiot shouts EPO! at me.

And that has happened every now and then for the last 10 years solely because of the mentally challenged doper culture rampant in pro cycling. It must stop. Now.