The Quarq system consists of the CinQu powermeter and Qranium bikecomputer, communicating wirelessly with ANT+.

For someone like me the Qranium is the “wet dream” powermeter computer. It's running Linux and using Python for applications, and it sounds like they plan to open source everything and nurture a developer community.

It will be extremely interesting to see where that goes, and I'd love to have a system to play with, but since I don’t have time to ride my bike seriously, for now, I’ll have to sit this one out.

The CinQo is ready by March 31st, perhaps a little earlier, while the Qranium is a little more problematic (something about the performance of the GPS antenna) and won't be available before somewhere around April 1st, according to an email I just received because I've signed up to the Quarq news mailinglist.