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Beautiful HTML Markup


Often people have trouble learning and understanding HTML because they don't have a concept of beauty and clean semantics. Spoiled by WYSIWYG “editors” (sic) and other newfangled nonsense I guess.

Chris Coyier to the rescue with “What Beautiful HTML Markup Looks Like”. Just look at it! Beautiful.

I recommend HTML Tidy.

If you use XHTML you also need to be aware of the issues regarding MIME types. On I serve all XHTML pages as application/xhtml+xml for browsers that support it, and for the browsers that don't, I serve it as text/html, which is wrong, but tolerable.

As usual it's Internet Explorer being way behind the curve here, even IE 7 doesn't get it right in spite of all the soothing standards compliance sounds they've been making about it in Redmond.

I fix it by hardlinking all .html files to a corresponding .xhtml file—using just a single extra inode per file—and using Apache content negotiation to serve whatever the client claim to understand and prefer.

It's a very lightweight way to do it, but there are plenty other ways, some discussed in the article linked above.

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